GivennRoom / Sandro Petrillo

Sandro is a multimedia artist currently based in Toronto. Over the past decade, he has contributed inspired works to the Canadian creative community through audio/visual production, audio/visual engineering, live performance, spatial design, graphic design, and teaching electronic music production. He runs a flexible showroom and connection space titled Givenn Roomm, it doubles as a personal studio and exploration space that often opens it’s doors to various pop-ups and social gatherings.

What is your favorite daily activity, some specific time of the day?

I would have to say the simplest thing that I do on a daily basis is… funny enough… showering and using a nice bar soap! It truly is my favourite daily activity. It’s almost as if it’s a very personal meditation. Something that brings me directly into the current and present moment. There is something so wonderful about bar soap that I’ve obsessed over for years now.

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What is your music background that you love? Can you share with us some artist that you recommended?

I’ve always been a big fan of music. My mom was always listening to music as I was young so it was always around. I remember in high school being drawn to various psychedelic bands and sounds… things like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin etc. Soon after I found about Radiohead – mostly through the track idioteque – a friend showed it to me in grade 11 design class and I remember listening to it on repeat, completely obsessing over the sound and characteristics. Shortly after college I stumbled my way into the world of electronic music, starting to play around with DJ’ing and producing my own sounds. If I was to make a short list of some foundational songs / artists from early stages it would look as follows:

Do you have an specific methodology or process for your work, music or life?

I suppose I tend to recycle quite a bit – I like to build things up and then render them and then repeat the process over and over, further refining something and giving it life through texture and other collected energies through out its life cycle. Whether I’m working on something more graphic related or music I sort of have a similar process. Build things up → squish them together → pull it apart → repeat. 

What is for you a perfect day?

I think there is a lot of variance here – I like some elements of structure and guidance along with a bit of freedom that comes with exploration or careless wandering. Being able to calmly take in my surroundings is truly a wonderful feeling. Enjoying a nice cup of coffee sitting on some sort of body of water just has something so special to it. All that being said I do often enjoy intensely working on things / projects. So I guess there is some sort of balance there, a bit of chaos while also having the time to reflect and sit calmly.

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